Temerity of my soul

What does it require to be brave?

Does it mean putting up a strong front when faced with slashing giants

Does it mean forgetting the past

Letting go of the resentments

Accepting, and smiling at the scars

Loving the enemies

Loving even the blows they have inflicted upon us?


What does it require to be brave

If I let nothing bother me

If I smile even when faced with monsters

Does it make of me a brave soul?


Why, having come to terms with the fact that

Life revolves upon nothingness

And aimlessness

Having come to terms that nothing here

Has a meaning

Why, I have learnt to let go

I have learnt to forgive

I have learnt to love

To smile, to sprinkle my warmth

To spread the cause of what I deem as being good

To be, as soothing as the dew

On the thirsting grass

To be, as calming as a piano tune

To the ears of those in love

To be, as comforting as religion

To those who find not their place here!


Why, to be brave

Does not require me to have a loud voice

Or strong hands

Or glaring eyes

To be brave

Requires me to be still and smooth

When faced with monsters!

Bravery, a much needed attribute

Specially when here, only the fittest do march on!


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