Tell Achilles

Tell Achilles when you see him

that we should all meet up

again at our favourite place

where we can have a few

and reminisce about to-day;

Tell Achilles that, will you?

when you see him later;

also tell him that I’ve

been wounded and that

those damn Trojans fought

like cornered rats and that

I got bitten by their spears;

Tell Achilles that, will you?

when you see him later,

much later perhaps;

And should you not see him

until to-morrow after the battle,

tell Achilles that

you spoke with me and

my message to him was

we should all meet up again;

Tell Achilles that will you?

Should you see him again

in this world.

5 thoughts on “Tell Achilles

  1. suzette portes san jose

    it shows that power of man against all odds is born in a spirit of mortality and immortality…facing them with your mortal body and mind but with a soul seeking wisdom and guidance in spirit through prayers in Gods’ hand and in Gods way… just a deep thought from the poem…


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