Te Deum laudamus :-mmxvi

That the Lord hath spared

His disputatious people

the rod of Babylon

and the ire of Egypt;

He hath shown His people

a mercy none deserved to be shown;

For He alone hath revived

that exiled branch of Is-ra-el

long since missing and hidden away;

For even at this late hour

at this dire moment trapped

between an army and the sea,

He alone stretched forth his

mighty arm and caused to be

delivered out from under the

yoke of bondage His people,

a Free nation,












The Te Deum (also known as Ambrosian Hymn or A Song of the Church) is an early Christian hymn of praise. The title is taken from its openingLatin words, Te Deum laudamus, rendered as “Thee, O God, we praise”.

The hymn remains in use in thanksgiving to God for a special blessing such as the publication of a treaty of peace, a royal coronation, etc.

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