Tattered Mat

I lie with you on this tattered mat of trust
And like clay you model your limbs to mine;
As we lie here this way your breath on my neck
I rummage through my disbelief in happiness
And scepticism and as I scrutinize your motives,
My guard falls then. Ignoring the sour tastes of yore
On my palate, I blame it on this tattered mat
And brush my cheek on the softness of your inner arm
Be grateful for your palm gently resting rising falling
On my belly of scars as I breathe.

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About Panjami Anand

I am Panjami Anand from Mumbai, India. I am into Tarot card reading, Numerology, Past Life Regression and Clairvoyance. I endeavor to hunt for others and myself reasons to many an inexplicable things in life. The layers of human relationships and things people say starkly without actually saying anything inspires my poetry. I am a homemaker otherwise and I aspire to be a fine human capable of much giving. Thank you for your time. Love, Panjami Anand

4 thoughts on “Tattered Mat

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    For this particular reader , ” Tattered Mat ” conveys through the poetic medium the essence and timelessness a still life portrait.

    editorial footnote :- please feel free to share some biographical info on your account for the enlightenment of our International Community of Poets.


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