Tasting freedom

Made of a whimsical and moody temperament

My inner self detached itself from my body

And flew away without ever glancing back

At what became of me!


It flew, to the land of magical seers and flying elephants

It flew, to the land of flying carpets and alchemists

It flew, to where rivers dance, out of ecstatic swells

Caused by the imprints of melodious flutes on their beds!

It flew, to where the gates of the abodes of Gods stood

Waiting for the pure and the awakened to come knocking!


My inner self left me, and went on to discover the world

Why, never did it think of me

While I drowned in my own darkness, submerged by my ego

It enjoyed itself at learning about the truth of hieroglyphs

And the exact nature of the cosmic stars!


Without my inner self, I became a mere empty cocoon

A shell, without its pearl

A chest, without its treasure

A home, without the love

A body, without its soul!


I yearned for it to come back but it heeded me not

It had tasted of the pleasures of its essence

And relished of these

While I bit my lips and chewed my nails

Wondering at what shall become of me, so void and empty

When I shall plunge into the jaws of death

A mere body is meant to disintegrate into dust

While its inner self remains to bear the weight of its actions!

3 thoughts on “Tasting freedom

  1. suzette portes san jose

    wonderfully written…the inner self is the source of consciousness the sound of silence that brings us to our senses …the wisdom of our soul… 🙂

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    A thoroughly engaging and insightful work.

    Editorial Footnote for the benefit of the author:-

    I can’t help thinking that some consideration might be given to the final stanza which does feel a little stretched and whose overall impact would benefit from some minor editorial attention.


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