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Am Alive?

am alive
Yes I am alive
My breath tells me
I am alive, and
What tells my breath
If it is alive
Breath that imparts warm blood
Into dark lifeless hard coal
And black coal turns
Red hot, shinning bright life
What will make my breath realise
The miraculous life it carries
I am desperately looking for
That one inspiration
That makes my breath realise
It is alive
The scent in a rose
Makes me realise the oodles of life
That a breath can carry
The taste of a fruit makes me realise
The volume of life that a breath can carry
I suppose giving is what fills your breath with life
I need to look for something to give away
And give it away every moment
Giving adds life to every breath

I Met Buddha

Make me your warrior , i pleaded

Buddha looked at me

Eyes rising like sun

Gifted me his sword

smiled and said

Have faith in me

Walk my way

But if you happen to

Meet me on the way

Kill me with my sword

I would be delighted

To taste the sword

sharp enough to hit me

I want you to be

The first and last you





Ignorance and Innocence

She was so simple
Yet her face had a glow
Her genuine and pure smile
That stuck to her lips every moment
And seemed dutiful to her 
Made her more beautiful
Every guy looked at her
With eyes full of desire
Wanted to feel her skin
How many of them approached her
What they got in response
Was just a genuine smile
How could she explain
The reason of her glow
Ignorance can never
Understand innocence


You say it and i have it
In my mind
Good or bad
Real or unreal
My mind never knows
It just knows to take in
Words just words
With a meaning of its own
word bounce from mind to mind
who absorbs the word
everybody just spits the word
as a poison
god knows when a word earns
true value
this should be true learn of a word