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My Masterpiece for Today

Firstly a dash of hyperbole,

then a smidgen of self-deprecating wit

followed by a dollop of philosophical insight

a portion of of regret,

a suggestion of humour

a few slivers of empathy,

a nod to current events

covered in layers of allegory

leavened with plentiful allusions

drizzled with heartfelt emotion,

then serve

either cold or hot

this masterpiece de jour,

bon appetit!

Word Play #4

Babble babble , chatter chatter,

chunter chunter , mutter mutter ,

natter natter , guffaw guffaw ,

rant rant , mumble mumble ,

yawn yawn , whisper whisper ,

shout shout , en-un-ci-ate en-un-ci-ate ,

clamour clamour , yell yell ,

bellow bellow , project project ,

harangue harangue , question question ,

whinge whinge , whine whine ,

yammer yammer , stut-ter stutt-er ,

cackle cackle , laugh laugh ,

splutter splutter ,cough ,cough .

Communication Breakdown


speech dialogue,

announcement advice gossip,

remark observation comment,

statement report account contention,

quarrel debate argument critique,

hearsay rhetoric question answer,

discourse utterance affirmation pledge promise;

password catchword watchword signal call,

discussion wisecrack chatter rumour,

murmur grumble mumble hint,

whisper whimper prattle cry,

assert declare express,

assure inform enunciate,

confer articulate,

broadcast transmit,


(Louis Kasatkin asserts his Right to be identified as the author)