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Kirkgate Station,Wakefield

Corteged coffin-like
commuter trains call
at Kirkgate,where
from unwashed windows,
faces tight as
drawn curtains,gaze out
at the snow lying
thick as mattresses
over the gap-toothed pavement,
hiding its treasure trove
of detritus,origin unknown;
A funereal sky,
certain of its purpose
snares and guts expectations
of the lacklustre kind,
the kind that carries
shoehorned stick-figures
scurrying across washed-out
vistas endlessly reflected mirror
within mirror,within mirror,
as the day progresses,
snow deepens and optimism
is put back in the
cupboard alongside
rarely seen rainbows.

George Gissing : ( Wakefield’s Unknown Writer )

You saw them

through the lens

of your conscience;

you saw their


and misdemeanours;

the prism of your words

broke down their substance

and their reputations,

leaving them mere shadows;

in their turn

they buried your name

and forgot it;

You see them

even now,

through the lens

of your conscience.

(“performed”by the author the Cathedral Poet-in-Residence, on the occasion of the launch of the Gissing Exhibition@Wakefield Cathedral,23 June 2004)