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Viking Longboat

Ancient timbers

cry out mutely

with their ancient voices ,

re-telling tales of earth

and of fire and of water ;

Their hand hewn craft

emissaries of the Fire

that sped long ago

southward and westward

carrying the Will to wield

without mercy the visceral

vengeful terror of Ages ;

Slaking the insatiable thirst

of mysterious deities

who supped on earth

the fire and the water ,

amid cacophonies of ancient oaths

in the re-telling of tales

whose ancient voices

cry out mutely

amid the ancient timbers.


Darkening autumn spewed forth
its restless orphans ,
ejected them from pale gaunt
wombs of the Northern twilight;
Maelstromed them across
inhospitable Oceans ,
borne by timbered craft ,
steered by iron-needle
crewed by hunger,need and avarice ;
Shield ,axe and oaths
searching for the promise of Valkyrie songs ,
angry assemblies of swords sundered
Odin’s ethereal sphere ,
inciting howls in distant wolverine forests
and quickening the hunger in their own veins.