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One of the Disappeared

Of all your dreams now toppled like

ancient Babylon into the sand ,

there is one that you embrace

with a certain ambiguity ;

a necklace of capillaries circled

by the intimate knife that sheds

your life’s delusions in a

welter of sacrificial blood ;

the Purple raiment unresponsive

to your gasping Salve Mia

the unerring blade elicits

the evocation of a name

heretofore denied by your own

discarded testimony ;

In vain your acquired hypocrisy

seeks a reprieve before

the primal scream

brings you face to face

with your own denouement .

Scenes From A Domestic Incident

His arm moves

like a windshield wiper in a downpour ,

cutting and cutting and cutting

cutting all across a wooden doll face ;

sobbing and crying and crying

crying in the corner ,

two young children cowering from the rage ;

blinded by tears choking with emotions

he watches his own hand

redden to crimson ,

he sees a wooden doll figure

crash before his feet ;

a repetitive percussion beat

breaks down the door ,

he remains frozen in a snapshot

of swirling blue and red ;

slowly slowly he turns to wave ,

his expression rendered


by the bullets.

The Disappearance of Eduardo Gomez

In the year of the death of Eduardo Gomez,
he abandoned those routines and metaphors
to which others had become accustomed:
absconding without paying
he left his life vacant.
The Patrones,crippled intellects,stranded
on the axis of meaning mused over
his debts at the baccarat table
and considered them inauspicious;
Perhaps it was all a ploy,
simply that,an elegant trompe l’oeil,
an adjective that describes deceit
but cannot apprehend it;
without “corpus” there can be
no “habeas” and without the
corporeality of Eduardo Gomez there
is only the year of his death and
the strangely mute “vacancy” sign
spluttering neon pink.

Brief Notes on a Suicide Foretold (Rebooted 20/11/2019}

When you wave goodbye to the World,

for the last time,

don’t tell them that you’ll never be back;

It only makes the world sad

to hear such things,makes it feel

sadder than it already is;

So when you do wave goodbye,

goodbye, goodbye, forever and anon,

don’t tell them anything except

that you’re looking forward to some

time away and having a great time,

and that you’ll write.