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Certain is thy uncertainty!
Backyard of life, mystery disguised,
You stand vulnerable like a clandestine haze
Masked beneath the veil of life,
Like a nocturnal being, a hooded serpent
ready to strike anytime from the wilderness.
You ruffle the rhythm grappling the grope.
A Mysterious fortress witnesses helpless pangs,
the grip on nerve firm and transparent,
in the lee of uncertainty suspense unfolds.
Beehives are shelved, bees are freed like fears.
Shadow follows and burns like confusion.
Swines are roaming like midnight in the valley.
The moon is eclipsed, silence is haunted,
secrets are concealed like bouquets collected in the wild.
Yet once in a while flowers bloom
in the desert with perfumed certainty
to bask upon hope like a faith of lilies.
Certain is thy uncertainty
and uncertainty thou speak
the certainty of Heisenberg!

© Maaya Dev