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The Last Call


I can sense my time is up

I can feel my soul is parting

I can’t leave nor can I fight

Link of body to soul is fragile.


The heaven is waiting for me

I can’t escape nor postpone.

All my promises are breaking

casting away all chains of bond.


In a flashback I glanced my life

Love felt, tears shed, joys shared,

Wealth gained, Wisdom acquired,

‘Stare’ gave me a sheepish disownment.


Today I am somebody with name

Tomorrow I will be nobody with flesh

While embracing the only truth left

I bid farewell to embark a fresh journey !!


© Maaya Dev

Letting Go…!

Shadows of agonies
blunt and frozen
in icy-memories
Espousal’s the dusk
not to bewail of sunflowers falling
rather a celebration of blooming of water lilies
upon the dawn of moon
to kiss infinite stars on the sky.

You may write it down in the history
as some bohemian’s rhapsody.
Oh oh! Thy fellow being
It’s not just, just prosody
It’s the Buddha Poornima
Day of emancipation from all illusions
Beacon of enlightenment
Under the Bodhi tree
When the young Siddhartha
Was deeply moved
After seeing the four passing sights
It’s the concept of acquiescence
to unfold the truth, to unwrap life
of living a moment fully.

Letting go is the divine flow
Of the rivulet called life
For go ego, jealousy, hatred and all sufferings
Nurture and nourish the saplings and seeds
Of love, peace and joy.
Letting go means to be chivalry
With time, nature and with all beings
to flow with the flow simply
like a serene brook in its own rhythm.

Time Will Tell

Time will always tell
Words may fail to express
Emotions may be misread
Judgement may be clouded
But time will always tell.

When promises are made
Even the promise of always and forever
With hearts crossed and hope to die
And no way to know what will be, but
Time will always tell.

Sometimes, good times come and
Seem to go on with no end
Caught in the moment
A perfect match, an heaven-like explosion
But time will always.

Feelings can only be faked for so long
A lie can be a lie only for so long
Truth may be hidden for so long
But time will always tell.

Joel Ogunjimi 2015©

The Non-Existent Truth

The defined and the undefined truth,

Endowed with knowledge or without knowledge,

Sometimes real or unreal,

Certainly including being and non-being,

Accepting that being is true,

Accepting the non-existence of being,

When the absence of existence means the negation of being,

Accepting that truth did not exist,

And it would have been true that it did not exist, at the same time,

Understanding that truth is eternal,

Imagining the idea of a non-existing world,

Before its own existence,

Accepting the universal and the immortal truth,

So interchangeable with the existence,

While the universal never ceases of itself,

Recognizing the truth always existing in an eternal intellect,

While the created truth is not existing,

Understanding the created truth as not existing,

Remaining truth, when the true things have been destroyed,

Or remaining truth, when all true things can be destroyed,

Or remaining truth, when our minds cannot see the truth itself,

Truth being, in a sense, always as a consequence of its act,

Truth not being in the sense, because

The sense does not know the truth it truly judges,

Even it judges truly about things and about

The existent and the non-existent truth…