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London Underground

Tendril lines snaking

coiled uncoiled uncoiling ,

merry-go-round round in circles

spiralling vectoring ,

trailblazing lit-fuse

temporal expectant ,

journey’s end

back to the beginning ,

whirring winding

concrete and steel roulette ,

spinning spun spun again

arcing racing ,

bracing burrowing

vomiting out from tunnels ,

into jagged lights

jagged timeframes

of waiting .

In Bruges ( Rebooted 9 February 2019 )

A soft elegant turquoise
caresses your eyes,
inviting you to join
and enter into the day;
a day of glances and looks,
talk and walk,coffee and books;
still now,languid at eight in the morning,
early buses down from
the station perambulate
Markt’s splendid circumference,
diverting to destinations
further along hidden in a
nuanced symmetry of slowly
revealing labyrinths hewn
and cobbled,restored,narrow
and poignant two-storied brick
houses with neat serrated roofs
in angled and parabola’d straats
fanning out from Langstraat
up to Jerusalemkerk with
their careful clever twists,
you navigate by spires,
cathedral and churches
and totemic Belfort,
clocked and counting,
its innard 365 steps
a challenge for later;
now,bicycles,delivery vans
and the morning commuters are
unravelling their silken-thread
routes and your eyes trace a
lazy line on your pocketbook map,
from where you are to where
you need to be,
here in Bruges,
it’s all the same.

(this poem was originally published and first appeared in The Elephant #3,Summer2011)