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Cycle of Life



The sun doesn’t set
Just because
You called it a day
The day is still on
You just turned around
And missed the sound
Of your breath
The world does ‘t stop
Just because
It is the last day
Of your life
You have all the right
To pause
Come on
Cause your life to a halt

I hold me in my hands

The warmth of my palm

Melts the ice within me

A kiss of my colourless blood

Moistens my dry eyes

I am all juicy

Spicy with emotions

But, I don’t like to be fluid

I need a solid stature

So I rush to an icy peak

I am on top and unreachable


Again, my heart freezes

Again, I am the ice within me

Till somebody or something

Forces me to cuddle into

My own hands

And the warmth of my palm

Moistens me again

Thus moves the cycle of my life


While the bud butterflies melt their wings
Within the light red poppy chain,
The pink-gray clouded, sad sunset rings.
In this lost sky, the sun’s light vein
Is almost thrown in a bloody rain.
The leaving sun abandons the sky
For the moon, and in the cricket crawl
The leaves of the oaks whisper ‘good bye’,
While the coming night has a dark shawl.
She looks at the stars with a black eye.
The sun and the stars find synergy,
In the regolith on the moon,
But with helium fusing energy,
This moon looks like a big balloon,
Or like a fragile, silky cocoon.
And like those thoughts enveloped in words,
Or like angels carrying their pure love,
Are the Feathers of the Holy Birds
In that rain dropping the divine globes
On the strong souls needing love rewards.
Any epistemological sphere
Is pouring up to the Holy Book,
Or is falling down to disappear.
The reverse arch gets a killer look.
Tries to provide fragrance of fear.

The fluid, wicked waves draining in sight
On Earth to meet at infinity
Are like the dark rays in the pure light.
Light rays are arches of Trinity,
While dressed in wind seems to be the night.

Stars are candles and night lights them all,
The colors withdraw in the last light.
In the black darkness, they look so small.
The dream seeds germinate for a fight,
Becoming real while breaking their wall.

© copyright Marieta Maglas

Our Time

Our time
is over
like a river
ends in the sea.

Our time
is over
like a quiver
of nervous lips.

Our time
was one
like the sun
in the monsoon.

Our time
has gone
like a torn
piece of page.

Our time
was sung
like the young
hearts in spring.

Our time
was perhaps
just a lapse
of destiny.

Our time
never began
rather than
say it’s over.

Our time
was just a dream,
a promise’s ghost,
a pebble lost
in the stream
of life…

– July 12th, 2012

From The Shadows of Your Oblivion

Dust rests
On the frames
Of memories that are
Mine alone now..
Adorn my dreams
That are of days
When you were around…
Waves lapping
The shoreline
Recede back to the ocean
As if knowing
That it’s just me now…
The sun sets
Without a farewell
As if I don’t matter
Without you…
But then,
They all are right,
For, my existence
Was sketched out
Only by your fingertips;
My lips were
Traced and discovered
Only by your lips;
My soul took form
Only when the light
From your eyes
Shone into me…
Today, left alone
With these fond thoughts
Of mine alone,
I hide in the shadows
Of irreversible oblivion,
Which is, for once,
Not mine, but yours…

The Sigh

The sun has set in my eyes,
And the moon has yet to rise
In yours;

Has a reason as it dawns
And my dream-ridden soul moans
For you…

I tried to
Sleep my way into your mind
But that was just a means to find
Us dead!

I sighed
At the way I was doomed to die,
Forgetting that ’twas my
Last breath…

– November 28th, 2008
~ sana rose ~

Dancing Diamonds-A gift from the Sun


Dancing diamonds upon the lake

shimmering beauty calls me to wake

up and wonder upon the mystery of the Sun

talking to the water about the consciousness of One.


Swirling sparkles dazzle and dance

to the universal pattern of spin, and entrance

to the core where I am spiraling down

then soaring up through the top of my crown.


Shards of light shimmering to a star of six

holographic helix seen through narrow slits

as my eyes see a dance that brings me to tears

a witness to magic, so wondrous, so near.


Stunning, spiraling pyramids of light

transmitter of knowledge, such amazing insight

silently we receive our gift from the Sun

precious diamonds of light, the consciousness of One.