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Divine Sonnet 2

My Lord,when I connect my soul with you
With your divine supreme self,full of bliss
My inner self gets purg’d and becomes new.
Then I become no more an earthly piece.
My lesser self which longs for mundane thing,
By your sweet love and touch, changes its mold
My soul centers round you, O hear my King !
In my pure heart I wear a crown of gold.
O Lord! You are my self’s ultimate goal,
Your selfless love enlightens my dark mind.
You are the anchor of my heart and soul,
In you a calm and peaceful world I find.
My larger self when feels your grace and charm.
This earthly longings can make me no harm.

I strive to write

I strive to write
Like feather
Words that
The wings of eyes
Can carry
To the sky of heart
In just a blink
Of lashes
I do my best
To avoid
The stink
Of stale flowers
Tedious curves
Old vacant valleys
I am like a
Like a tireless stream
Of poetry, whispering
Small yet fresh drops
Of words
To pebbles and Rocks
Of minds on my way to destiny
I strive to move on
Without fail
My journey
Is my destiny


A sweet Deception
A bubble of milky light
Floating on Milky Way
Rough and asymmetric rocks
Block their view
From space to mind
This moon is a beautiful deception
Sometimes deception is beautiful

A bubble
An outburst of emotion
A deception of ‘Eye’

Horror and glamour
Two sides of a mirror
Realisation and

Try them
Before you buy them
Belief and question
Words are a deception

Meaning of Love

True meaning of love
Can never be understood
What love means to you
You forget the colors of love

Love is not to be you
Love cannot be without you
Today Love is not me and you
Today love just me and not you

Does the feeling of love is so cruel
It fade’s away like vapor
It’s the love which has kept the glory world
With the small sparkle of love
The world becomes more better

It always seems harsh
It seems so cruel
This feeling is there forever
So why there is always love battle

Have you ever tried
Not to keep it hidden
Love is there forever
It cannot be forgiven

Just feel the beauty
Love is not a duty
The most happiest person is the one
Who can see the Love with its beauty

But this feeling is mixed blessing
It comes when its a pure mixing
Which can not be handled by all
Because it love who’s now testing

Well there is no point in explaining
It might be taken as your reasoning
Love is bounty-less its priceless
And those who possess rock heart
Love has kept secret forever
To take Love awake whoever


You Know You are a Poet

You know you are a poet
When your girl-friend
Wants you to miss her B day
Because she doesn’t want to
Read another write

You know you are a poet
When your friends enjoy the
Beach party
And you find yourself
Searching for a piece of sand
That no waves can carry away

You know you are a poet
When stars turn into glossy leaves
And moon turns into a bright fruit

You know you are a poet
When you sleep
On a bed of paper
Making love with words whole night
Under a dim light

You know you are a poet
When the flight of a colourful
Is more important than the snake l
On the ground
So keen to bite

You know you are a poet
When the weight of that paper
In your hands
Is more than the weight of
Paper in your pocket

You know you are a poet
When you don’t know
Till your friends
Call you so


Life is one believed in one
Your life is a gift be a gift for someone
Your time is precious be present for your near one’s
You are born to be happy
Be happy at least for yourself not for anyone

It gives immense pleasure
It’s in a real sense a real treasure
To be a helping hand when your time is in leisure
This is the biggest gift to humanity
Because it’s the deed which no one can measure

This life is a gift in many ways
Be grateful and thankful for it always
We are blessed with so many blessings in life
This happiness is in abundance and
This is real prosperity of your life

The blessings which is in abundance
Family who is there with us
Friends who cares for us
Our Loved ones who always stands for us
This is the real treasure which always inspired us

We are blessed with so many blessings
We are pleased with plenty of crazy things
We are due to what we have in our life
This is because I have found real pearls in my life

Today I am living this life anyways
Yesterday, today and tomorrow and always
The real purpose which I have got
Is for the relationships for which I am here for

No matter where we will be
No matter who will be there for me
There are some closed ones
With each one of us in our life
Who meant so much for us
That for them we can give up our life

Today I am so happy
Today I am so blessed
I have got that life savior with me
No matter what I am for them
And they are for me

Just live this life happily
You will get the best crazily
Just keep your hands on your heart
And move on thus believing in your destiny


When I Die

I am sure
When I die
No one will cry
I made everybody
So independent of me

I wish
My every day
Was like my funeral
Everybody around me
Talking about me
And I don’t even
Bother to see

Have some grave concerns
About my life beyond grave
When the earth of my birth
Becomes the dust of my grave
And I face my grave
Was I the brave
Who braved all odds?
Shall I en-grave the word
On my grave?

The Smile

If I could wish for something
It would be the smile you bring
Your smile rises on my lips
Makes the scented flowers Bloom
In the backyard of my heart
I wish I could touch the scent
That I smelled just now
The scent of your love
The rose within my fingers
Whirl unknowingly
And I am made to smile
At my foolishness
The smile!

Woke up that morning
Looked into the mirror
Turned around
You were deeply asleep
A smile knocked the
Door of my lips
I opened the gates
My heart bloomed
loved the skin
I was in
Though I loved the
Softness and colour of mine

Reflections are at stake
Mirrors have to break
The sound of glass
Touching the ground
Will cut through the eyes
Killing all the lies
I am waiting for the moment
When the rocky moon
Is no more a silver spoon
It becomes harsh and
Breaks my head instead
I hope it happens
Sometime soon

As the beauty of a rose
Is the dew it holds
The beauty of a face
Lies in the expression it holds
You are beautiful
When you have eyes
All over your face
When your ears and nose
Covers every inch of your body
You are beautiful
When your mouth
Rests in your heart
When you speak
And the rest of your body speaks

Do you find me
When you look into that mirror
Do you feel me
When you touch your skin
Do you recognise my scent
In every breath you take
Is that my wish
That you served in your dish
Is that my dream
That your eyes scream
Do you aspire
Only my desire
Now think for a moment
And tell me
Do you really love me

Essence of a Woman

What is the essence
Of being a woman?
I ask myself
Show the world
What caring and sharing is all about
My heart whispers to me
My brain says
Break the chain
That ties you
To something wrong
Cause that is not
Where you belong
Alongside not beside
The one slow
May love to follow
Share with ‘the one’
Care for ‘the one’
Not everyone
Father Husband and son
This game of life
Everybody has won
Because of you
Now it is your turn
To be a winner too

Am Alive?

am alive
Yes I am alive
My breath tells me
I am alive, and
What tells my breath
If it is alive
Breath that imparts warm blood
Into dark lifeless hard coal
And black coal turns
Red hot, shinning bright life
What will make my breath realise
The miraculous life it carries
I am desperately looking for
That one inspiration
That makes my breath realise
It is alive
The scent in a rose
Makes me realise the oodles of life
That a breath can carry
The taste of a fruit makes me realise
The volume of life that a breath can carry
I suppose giving is what fills your breath with life
I need to look for something to give away
And give it away every moment
Giving adds life to every breath