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Paying Slave

Every night she wonders
How the moon tastes
What a waste of imagination
No it was not
At least that day
Because she had nothing to eat
That night
She fed her children
And that was it
She didn’t want to sleep
She feared bad dreams
They say, empty stomach leads to bad dreams
The scars on her skin
Couldn’t adorn her
She wished the stars could decorate her
The same way as they decorate the sky
She wanted her husband to be a fighter
And here he was, fighting with her every night
Kicking and punching her
Getting stuck with
A useless drunkard
How smart was that?
But here she was
Being such smart
She could set herself free
Only if she knew
She was a slave
Slaving for free, I had heard of
Slaving and paying for it
Isn’t it surprising.