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December A Bumper

Winter, the special guest

Makes December a bumper

Hazy wings of breeze

Welcome snow fairies

Merry go around.

Tress shivered, leaves shed.

Buds hibernated in petals sweater

Birds are silent in tranquil valley.

Frozen rivers turned tantalising stages

for ice skaters to have ballet of season.

Nights are cold but stars are bright

The chilly air sings jingles

For Christmas is on the way

Santa Claus is on its reindeer

Christmas carol heard everywhere.

Chocolate cheese cake is baked

And ready on the dining table

While lying on my cosy couch

I wait, I wait and I miss

the warmth of my beloved

like some hidden sunrays

beneath a winter coat.


© Maaya Dev 2015 Dec

Life Under the Moon

monsoon’s end
patches of emptiness
on the evening moon

sun bath
an eagle circles
the day moon

harvest moon
a path of lantern traffic
to the farm hill

harvest moon
taproot of a carrot
shows up red

full moon –
winter’s stillness
in a soap bubble

holding on
with what she left behind
winter moon

Dream Season

spring dream
a rooster stirs the stillness
into dawn

calmness . . .
jogging into
the spring dawn

hot spring bath –
the nibbling fish
tingle my skin

I photograph
its mist of spring

train pane mist
she rubs on
the other side

spring rain
the scent of green in
the dawn breeze

february full moon
the beach tides deepen
the voice of children

spring moon
the scent of jasmine
spreading in the night


Indian waterfall listening deep to my inner voice

New year’s eve
her rangoli patterns
our street

Distant hill
a river carrying
the spring

Ice box
your last word
resonates in me

Autumn evening –
each tombstone’s shadow
joins the next grave

November moon
I feed my child
and its shadow

Hanging bridge
the pot water wobbling
on her hip

Autumn sky
patches of twilight
in the falling leaf

In the aquarium
stillness of the goldfish
autumn dusk

Kite sky
the clamour of children
fading with it

Uphill walking
she takes me into
winter clouds