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Searching for Alicia May : ( Notes from the Investigation )

: That dirt track
leading into the woods
the shortcut into town
where years ago Alicia May went missing.

” Didn’t have CCTV back then ,
so in town that day
no-one recalls seeing her
not at the grocery store,
all-nite gas station nor by
the bus depot “.

” All along that dirt track
they searched for two whole days ,
that was was after Alicia May
got reported as missing by her grandparents,
though she’d gone missing before
they never said anything at the time “.

: Later they would confide to the cold case detective,
that reporting her as missing the first time
would only have upset her aunt and uncle
with whom Alicia moved in right after
the fire a year earlier.

” Come to think of it ,
she had disappeared before
on the anniversary of the fire ,
that took both her parents
and folk forget like how Alicia May
wasn’t home when the fire started and no-one
could recall seeing her around on that day “.

: Summers came and went
and the woods didn’t see much
of kids from the neighborhood as once before ,
stories had gotten around
about Alicia May taking that
shortcut into town .

An Unsolved Case

the abandoned log cabin

at the foot of the mountains

far away from the nearest town ;

the place where over forty years ago

evil came to call ;

” a veritable charnel house ” ,

trumpeted newspapers at the time ;

they found crimson shaded footprints

leading off into the woods ,

the bodies got buried discreetly ,

the axes and various other tools were destroyed

fingerprints got wiped ,

no further enquiries ensued ;

the police inspector and aldermen of the town ,

cowered in a cold sweat

every night in their beds

as they listened to

the screaming …

Recovery:(Scenes from a screenplay)

They let her remember ,
and she remembers ;
the slaps ,
the kicks ,
the punches ,
the lighted cigarettes on her arms ;
They taught her how to remember ,
and she has learned now ,
the lesson of
the scars ,
the broken teeth ,
the plastic surgery ,
that followed and followed ;
They sent her away ,
and she left ,
left with all that she remembers now ;
All of their names ,
where each and everyone of them lives ,
where their children go to school ;
Outside the school ,
the car stops ,
she steps out ,
a lean figure in a hooded black raincoat ,
she has a gun , now.