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Hey Moments !

In a speck of moment
You sprout, you drain, you change!
Hey great sorceress!
You possess the karmic wand.
So for you our destiny is nothing less than
a joker’s play on trapeze.
How could you enjoy
our pathetic efforts of balancing act?
You force us to laugh loudly
even our life socked in tears and fears.
How brilliantly you hook us
in the harness of uncertainty!
You surprise us, break us, shock us!
We wonder who you are!
Are you insane or sane?
Are you God or evil?
Are you life or death?
Does life hides in you?
Or life breathes in you?
Or both life and you are one?
Why are you fooling us
Are you helpless like us
and part of your own unknown destiny?

© Maaya Dev May 2015