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Silk Cotton

Like a modern poetry

or a futuristic  art,

the strange  yet  strong

perceptions  you encode

on this devastation ,just like you !

Tell me frankly,now don’t imitate

my desperation status,

you are rather too explicit!

Arms so horizontal in spread,

like  no where  neighbour,

still you don’t attract

anyone for an embrace,

at least an English embrace

if not a deeper  XOXO !

Now,what to say

of your bleeding dark

ever exuding gums

from that tanned dark

trunk? Do you feel

it either attracts

attention or consoles

your despair?

Either not!

Tell me about

your dried desiccated

fruit,so disgusting !

Do you have a single

instance of  supple

and succulency,

leave about delicacy, You

are a far off dream for that!

Still this reminds me of

my dehydrated life,

No moist or warmth

of adhered human smell!

That’s all I  bear to

ward off even

the trivial breezes !

Even a chance encounter

to offer the fruit so dried

settles down dejected

only to see flying

vacuum cotton inside !

Yes, We both are

Sullen  Silk  yet with

cotton smooth disposition !