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Those Reminiscences

Hey you!

A precise call from past invited his attention.

He looked at the skyscrapers from hustling present

where he made grave of his true joy deserting all will.

His reminisces travelled to where his belongings exist.

There is a black mountain in the serenity.

where he used to live far away and farther away joyously

He had a white horse and was a jockey for his pet.

He used to fly across clouds like a pro singing jingles.

He had a white palace in the black city

Where he used to live far and farther away peacefully

He designed and redesigned to test the architect in him.

The monument, where he used to have his evening drinks alone.

He had a white tomb in the black sea

Where he used to live far and farther away from all the buzz

He used to write poems that get embossed on his grave

When he read Wordsworth’s Romeo and Juliat, he chased his breath.

The white horse, the white palace, the white tomb

He searched them all, every where only in despair to find nothing

It wasn’t there? The question mark pricked! Yes! It was never there!

No! It was always there, but was on his dreams, only in his dreams!

Hey you!

The precise call from the past invited his earnest presence again.

Skyscrapers and the grave teased him in those hustling moments!

© Maaya Dev