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Synopsis for a Novel

I read a book once,

one with a happy ending

the denouement didn’t suit my mood

I have to admit;

the good guy won out in the end

and got the gal,

justice was served,

the bad guys got their just desserts;

the sun presumably rose again

the following morning after the story ended,

over that small town in the middle of nowhere USA;

It’s always a small town,

the crooked politician, corrupt cop,

local businessman with too many secrets to conceal.

and some innocent gets in their way

by chance or accident,

fate really doesn’t mind which,

and then up pops the reluctant hero;

the saviour of the day,

honour, virtue and fair play;

and he is pretty much always

reluctant, hesitant, self-effacing

pushed to the limit

before he invariably acts,

displaying the customary tropes of being

a tad graphic, a touch sadistic and having a

a flair for the unexpected as he dispatches

each of the bad hombres in turn;

And so he wins in the end,

gets the gal and the kudos,

and most important of all,

the chance to do it all again

in the sequel.

Whatever Happened To That Novel I Was Writing ?

What did happen to that novel
that I was supposed to be writing ?
You know earnestly like Vargas Llosa
or maybe Orwell or even CJ Sansom ;
Where has it gone and what shall
ever become of it ?
That novel of mine that child
of my intellectual loins ?
The one due to be set in South America ,
that mystery centred around the enigma
of a photograph ?
a cast of characters waiting forever
in a quasi-existential limbo for
a completion, an ending of the narrative
which now no longer appears capable
of dramatic resolution ?
A coup d’etat based on the
catastrophic events of a precursor 9/11 ,
the eleventh of September in Chile 1973 ;
an amalgam of malignant conspiracies
involving foreign corporate interests
and venal power seeking indigenous demagogues ;
the torture the suffering the chaos ,
pretence ,lies ,bloodshed and betrayals ,
and here am I their author,
Progenitor in Excelsis
who has abandoned that particular project ;
it is all now nothing more
than a boarded up store front
over which a faded sign swings in the breeze
like a prisoner on the gallows.

An Unsolved Case

the abandoned log cabin

at the foot of the mountains

far away from the nearest town ;

the place where over forty years ago

evil came to call ;

” a veritable charnel house ” ,

trumpeted newspapers at the time ;

they found crimson shaded footprints

leading off into the woods ,

the bodies got buried discreetly ,

the axes and various other tools were destroyed

fingerprints got wiped ,

no further enquiries ensued ;

the police inspector and aldermen of the town ,

cowered in a cold sweat

every night in their beds

as they listened to

the screaming …

Recovery:(Scenes from a screenplay)

They let her remember ,
and she remembers ;
the slaps ,
the kicks ,
the punches ,
the lighted cigarettes on her arms ;
They taught her how to remember ,
and she has learned now ,
the lesson of
the scars ,
the broken teeth ,
the plastic surgery ,
that followed and followed ;
They sent her away ,
and she left ,
left with all that she remembers now ;
All of their names ,
where each and everyone of them lives ,
where their children go to school ;
Outside the school ,
the car stops ,
she steps out ,
a lean figure in a hooded black raincoat ,
she has a gun , now.