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A World Without Poetry

A world without poetry,
The concrete hammering of mails
The infusion of programmed chores
A day, yet another day shedding it’s leaf
In parched, scheduled coldness.

Collective tangling of prosaic voices
Barbecue in the summer heat,
Disjointed company of drunk folks
Stinking of the corporate fumes.

Shattered raindrops, where do I hide you
In the luscious spread of weekend delicacies?
The shrieking yells of perfumed bodies,
The flashy make-up of the powdered night
Hides you like submissive dirt.

The deep chasm of naked arms bleed
My unwritten lines buried under
The daily litany of unanswered applications,
Unsolicited proposals, boxed and sealed
Never caring for a reply, a nod, an assaurance.

A world without poetry dies and lives
Every day, crafty, stoic, plastered,
Waking in hopes of a startling twist
Of a delicate, lyrical opulence.


She was so cute
But different
So engrossed in herself
She had nothing to do with the world around
How happily she lived
In the dark small cell
Of an asylum
Till one day, she was sentenced to freedom
And forced to live in the asylum outside
Surrounded by crazy, mindless idiots
Cursed she was
Cursed with beauty
Beauty as transparent
As a dazzling glass
As subtle as a soap bubble
She floated weightlessly in the air of freshness
Carrying a brilliance of colours within
Her beauty was not transparent enough
As could pass the thin skin
And touch the souls
At least for a cur
How could she be safe
In the end her innocence
Was carried away
In a flow of virgin blood
She was lucky enough
Not to know
What she was going through
She would get up with the same brilliance
Of million suns on her face
And leave behind the Devils
Moistened with wet shame
Nothing to do with the world around
She still lived happily
In this open and vast asylum
I wish her touch could change
The animals into humans