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Life Is A Mixed Blessing

Life is a blessing
It’s about me
It’s about you
It’s always
Worth living

Love yourself
Love one and all
It’s a beautiful life
So treasure it all

In a life
If possible
Give love and care
Harm no one
As in today’s world
Kindness is bizarre

Today on this
World Poetry Day
Let us take a pledge
To give love and
Share happiness
And stay blessed

Life is short
Live it to the fullest
If possible
Blessed someone
This deed is greatest


My word puts signature
On my sacred soul’s sensitive signboard.
It uncovers my inner being
And gives motion to my bubbling thoughts
To my unalloyed poetic emotions
Yet unreleased, unexplored.
My word upholds my spirit upwards
And unshrouds my poetic self,
Waiting to be conquered
By the impending mournful gloom.
It unlabouredly chronicles the things unchronicled
Of my unheard unsung soul.
My word is my signature
And thus unveils the different shades
Of my own identity….

To Acceptance

Acceptance, a silver lining of hope

Shines on the overcast sky of anonymity.

Acceptance tumbles up like bubbles,

Floating on the thick broth of negation.

Hope is the new dream of salvation

We hug tight, like golden leaves

Falling before the snow.

We are all worn off branches,

Old skeletons hanging in cold streets.
So long, death!

Do leave us, clinging to a new life,

Do let the light of dawn

Enter our rooms as kindly visitors.

Acceptance is the Fairy Godmother waving her magic wand,

We follow her, with tailor-made clothes, smiles and steps

With custom-made music and melodies

To the wishes of warmer times.

I drift away from this room, away from

The last corpse of rejected mess.

Acceptance is my winged chariot,

I hop and skip my failed, belittled days.

I soar, I sparkle, I am one

With the lilac and honeysuckle of hope.

Footnotes: Sharing this tiny, fledgling tinge of inspiration that comes with being accepted and embraced by some, amidst challenging times of rejection and apathy. A toast raised to the unexpected acceptances, an assurance that a silver lining of hope is waiting at the end of the road. And yes, though this poem is written in July, it holds special meaning now, after being accepted to the International community of Destiny Poets 🙂