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Notes on the Limits of the Infinite

On the head of a pin

as we spin,spin,spin

in circling,circling circles

around around axis

turning axis around,

as we dance with angels

on the head of a pin;


in circles,circles turning

around around again


on the head of a pin

where we find ourselves


Where Words Go

Shall we see where words go,

shall we follow them down the rabbit-hole?

Chasing after them hither, thither and then

letting them go so that we can

chase after them again:

Wild words in their habitat,

untamed metaphors, predatory adjectives

that scathe and scorn

mock and disdain,

meld and compound and

are made new again:

To enchant and suborn

to make known to us our

own feelings, thoughts and..

once we’ve heard the words

express themselves,

once we’ve listened to them,

we re-enter the eternal quest;

Shall we see where words go,

Shall we follow them down the rabbit-hole?


Whose memories are they

that we have yet to remember?

Moments in dreams badly dreamt

trundle past like tumbrils

echoing their way across the cobblestones

of a deserted city,

where a conflagration has extinguished

its own brightest flames;

what can we remember of them?

Have we forgotten those names

shouted in adulation?

With arms outstretched upward in everlasting

salute beckoning chaos to have mastery

until the tumbrils rolled no more;

In a deserted city memories lurk

in the shadows to surprise us,

whose memories are they

that we have yet to remember?


When I stop telling the truth to you

and you stop telling the truth to me,

there’ll be no more truth spoken;

what loss would that be?

When I stop lying to you

and you stop lying to me,

we shall find our world devoid of lies

leaving it emptier than before;

what loss would that be?

Broken Perceptions

If agony were silence

and emptiness substance,

how would we recognise our own thoughts?

If forever was a second

and Suns were frozen,

how far away would the horizon be?

If tears were granite

and forgiveness treason,

how then might we see

where the shards of

toppled shadows lie?

Broken Words


listen to

voices that can’t be heard,

their soundless mutterings contain

certainty possibly even the truth;

Everything creates new perspectives,

new words making us

strangers in our own land,

making us strangers

in our own lives;

leaving us trying to recreate feelings

that might never really have existed;

In the closing shot

the camera trembles,

nightmaring us

alive again.


Broken Shadows

If everything was nothing

and everyone was nobody,

why then gaze up at the Moon

when it isn’t there?

If all lies were true

and truth was never spoken,

why then rebuke those

who want to fall off the edge of the world?

If songs were tuneless

and spoken words noiseless,

why then listen to the empty air

wondering why others applaud the silence?

If chance were certainty

and hope not an illusion,

why then feel disappointment

when in the bright daylight shadows lie broken?




The Cynic & The Liar

Said the Cynic to The Liar-

” I know your game and what you do “,

Said the Liar to The Cynic-

” If that is so then what does it matter to you? “,

Replied the Cynic to The Liar-

” It doesn’t matter to me, I just wanted you to know is all “,

to which the Liar replied-

” I knew you’d say that all along “,

non-plussed the Cynic remarked-

” You’re only saying that to make a point “,

” How would you know if I am ?.. I just lie all the time !”

concluded The Liar.