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Vanishing Point

Far,far away

in some distant place

past some vanishing point

on a horizon pan-caked flat

indivisible from the sky,

here we are

here we wander,

around and around


how we’ve come to be


newly arrived somehow

at a place beyond

the Vanishing Point

where earth becomes sky

and sky itself,

we see now

even thro’ the glass darkly

all before us

the parallax view.

The Paradox of Nobility

One morning in my portico,
as I sat on my swing,
enjoying the breeze,
hearing the birds sing.

Up on a wall crevice I found,
a spider had cast its web.
An ant struggled to escape from it;
of urgent succour, it was in need.

As the wily spider crept to its prey,
the ant struggled harder, seeing its end.
A bout of nobility struck my head;
I broke the web and saved the ant.

The free ant scampered away.
I went back happily to my swing.
The starving spider, too old
to re-spin, ended up dying.

The ‘web’ of nature is so intricate,
here one’s death is other’s life.
My smug nobility lay rebuffed;
in saving the ant, I took spider’s life.

I always carry a first aid kit
to help anyone in need.
Keen to salve others’ injury:
a small bruise or a mild bleed.

One day in a bus
a man got injured.
Out came my kit to soothe;
he was relieved and I pleased.

But a shocking epiphany
came to me like a flash of light.
Should I be credited for helping
or be blamed for his plight?

The seed of desire carries with it
the hidden tree of its fulfillment.
That man’s injury was just a symptom,
my desire for nobility caused his predicament.

In our current reality,
a doctor is a noble man.
But in a healthy society,
he is a nonentity.

The nobility of curing is
but a consequence of disorder.
It would meet its obsolescence
in neverland and its innate order.

Nobility is extinct in utopia.
It’s born with utopia’s death.
It needs suffering to survive,
and ironically, calamities to thrive.


Unending poverty is good for you

higher wages only make you cry ,

the poor have only themselves to blame

you can be a billionaire if you try ;

The starving need to go on a diet

the obese need to get even fatter ;

dwarves can be taller when they want to be

widespread famine doesn’t matter ;

Illiteracy makes for good education

homelessness is good for the many ;

promises are only good when broken

honest judges are ten a penny .


Life drowns the living

hope chokes all of our dreams ,

mercy punishes justice

what we see is not all what it seems ;

Emptiness fills all the spaces

winter snow lights our fires ,

shortages make for abundance

all oaths are spoken by liars ;

Those who don’t cheat are disqualified

we donate our poverty to others

sad people are the happiest in the world

all men under the skin aren’t brothers.