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In the heart of flowers


In the heart of flowers

There is a hidden fire

Fire that soothe breeze

breeze that breath love

Love that embrace valley

Valley that plays pee-ka-boo with clouds

clouds that rushes to caress proud peaks

Peaks clutching perfume of spring

Spring nurturing sweetness of honey

honey the heavenly wine of elixir

elixir that alter any soul a seeker.

Seeker who swirls as a fiery orb

in its own euphoric euphoria

surrender to the pragmatic nature

to decipher the intricacies of life

while tossing questions of pebbles

from its infinite sea shore

filtering recurring waves of complexities

and snatch pearls of wisdom.

Afar, valley with spring of flowers

playing sea saw with stars.

Coy moon with pallid reflection

blanketing valley and reciting poems

where night flowers bloom

once in a while as liberation.

© Maaya Dev


Mist of Mysteries

On golden sands

between the layers of

silvery stream waves

wet quill write untold tales

Incessant gush narrates

epic in shallow voice

no presence witness

prolonged tireless task

On shrivelled shores

pebbles re read stories

to share the musing

with migrating birds.

The serene script

bloating and floating

bubbling with wishes

meandering on waves.

In its obvious merge

identity gets sacrificed

while embracing

dark ocean abyss.

© Maaya Dev