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The Moon Bride

Silver coated roll of joy
So quiet, docile and coy
Like a bride adorned and veiled
Above the soft clouds that trailed
Peeking from the sparkling cape
Of myriad stars in diamond shape
She blushes and the flowers bloom
Overshadowing nature’s gloom
Quiescent water catches its shadow
Like the night sky, it begins to glow
Out of shyness it perspires in the blue
Decks the earth with beads of dew
Cicadas and crickets try to croon
Dancing leaves produce a tune
The moon feels sleepy in the melodious dark
To sing a sweet lullaby, there comes a lark
The wind too begins hushing others to sleep
As the lovely bride is in slumber so deep
At last the sun comes with a blanket so bright
And shields the moon fondly to sleep beneath the light