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Utter Nonsense

If steel became fudge-cake
and glass marshmallow ,
what use would strawberry jam be ?
Were concrete baking powder
and the oceans of the world rice pudding ,
how sweet would the wine taste in
bottles made of insouciance ?
Were all emotions reduced to silence
would we all be shouting in our graves ?
Is the Earth a badly drawn boiled egg
and should mountains really be the other way up ?
What we thought was music
was something that didn’t make a sound ,
and before they send someone to arrest us
know that the Policeman who comes
lies fast asleep ,
hidden in Kafka’s wardrobe.

Let the Night Sing

Shadows creeping,
The fangs of the night unfold,
Faint footsteps resound,
Silvery beams of moonlight.
The dark woods,
Dense canopy of trees,
The pitch black,
Skin slicing through
Silhouetted darkness.
Twinkling stars
Hissing sound,
Let the moon stay,
Let us make love.

Lopa Banerjee. February 9, 2015