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Manuscript Found in an Antique Dresser

Words etched in time,

fade even as I gaze at them,

wondering who wrote them?

when were they written?

who were they written for?

and that final question that

even History cannot answer;

were the words ever read

by anyone before me?

or am I the first reader

and maybe the last?

shall I keep this manuscript’s secrets safe?

or should i betray them?

Mist of Mysteries

On golden sands

between the layers of

silvery stream waves

wet quill write untold tales

Incessant gush narrates

epic in shallow voice

no presence witness

prolonged tireless task

On shrivelled shores

pebbles re read stories

to share the musing

with migrating birds.

The serene script

bloating and floating

bubbling with wishes

meandering on waves.

In its obvious merge

identity gets sacrificed

while embracing

dark ocean abyss.

© Maaya Dev