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From ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Carrying lantern in the darkest of night

Diffusing swirls of coriolis and vortex

On the way of pulchritudinous soul

The invincible soul speaks of thy glory

Of thousand splendid suns

Of infinite universes

Least knowing the concept of Darwinism or Lamarckism

Ready to write, re-write destiny

Profusely on the sky

As an euphoric playing some jazz’s

rejoicing every inhale-exhale of breath

Ruminating and reflecting the moment’s momentum

The spirit is high on swing

managing all turmoil’s ,tragedies and tantrums

believing in the power of secrets, beyond the secrets

The’ invictus’ warrior make’s a self promise

After ramification upon the majestic sea

Sea that is sycophantic

Bolstering of its own unfathomable depth

But who knows the unquenched thirst

Every drop screams off

Yet every drop lives in compassion

as though if gulping the ecstasy of divinity

And the immaculate soul smirks

To live and to live

, Again and again…

With every breath

                                                           © 2015 by Maaya Dev

Come, Rise the Sun

Come forward.
The base is vacant for you to stay.
The preceding sun has set in the WEST.
It’s time to rise and the east is yours.
All the past glories have stumbled down.
Come, breath freely.
The outlet is open for you.
Place your own sign post.
Influence the minds with your best designs.
fill colours of happiness all around.
Take advantage of the quiet
and serene background.
All the obstacles have grown weaker.
It’s the best time to act.
Leave your own marks
on the sands of time.
Give this world the best you have,
creating history of a new glory.
Hurry up! Take action
before the opportunity is lost.