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Moment of Momentum

It is the moment that is alive

It is the chain of moments

that holds life in its subtlety

and often glide not so smoothly.

It is the moment that introduce you

to who you are and what you are

that makes you pause and breath

and gift you a thousand lives

in the form of dreams

in the fabric of moments.

It is the impulse of moment

that catapult things and we lurk

where joy dance like summer shine

and tears fall like autumn leaves

and in the monsoon rain

you drench like memories

and sprout like Brussels plant.


In the spur of moment you feel

chiselling and crafting of moments

when emotions toggle, feelings dribble

you meet with the void

where silence speaks aloud

where words surrender to its power

and vacuum fill in the infinity.


In the moment of momentum

Everything happen and nothing happens

Everything exist and nothing exists

Every moment is life disguised in death

It is in the moment of momentum

Life compiles answers for all questions

and leave us astonished.


© Maaya Dev 2015 Dec


Hey Moments !

In a speck of moment
You sprout, you drain, you change!
Hey great sorceress!
You possess the karmic wand.
So for you our destiny is nothing less than
a joker’s play on trapeze.
How could you enjoy
our pathetic efforts of balancing act?
You force us to laugh loudly
even our life socked in tears and fears.
How brilliantly you hook us
in the harness of uncertainty!
You surprise us, break us, shock us!
We wonder who you are!
Are you insane or sane?
Are you God or evil?
Are you life or death?
Does life hides in you?
Or life breathes in you?
Or both life and you are one?
Why are you fooling us
Are you helpless like us
and part of your own unknown destiny?

© Maaya Dev May 2015