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Umberto Eco : A Footnote

When production ceases

( and ) the production line rattles

to one last final halt ,

who then shall have the surplus

if there is no surplus to be had ?

Arising then out of the contradictions

of their own material production ,

what difference is there

between falsehood and truth ?

Imprisoned in the echo chambers of reason ,

all that is

is all that remains

all that remains is


laden with meaning .

Footnotes for the benefit of the Reader:-

Umberto Eco OMRI (Italian: [umˈbɛrto ˈɛːko]; 5 January 1932 – 19 February 2016) was an Italian novelist, essayist, literary critic, philosopher and semiotician. He is best known for his groundbreaking 1980 historical mystery novel Il nome della rosa (The Name of the Rose), an intellectual mystery combining semiotics in fiction, biblical analysis, medieval studies and literary theory. He later wrote other novels, including Il pendolo di Foucault (Foucault’s Pendulum) and L’isola del giorno prima (The Island of the Day Before). His novel Il cimitero di Praga (The Prague Cemetery), released in 2010, was a best-seller.

Requiem for a Tyrant

Sat at the head of the table
you waged war on yourself with every breath ,
it seemed like it was all for nothing
for those towns you had put to death ;
While others broke down their walls
you raised walls even higher ,
all your words about freedom
were words spoken by a liar ;
You were some kind of world leader pretend
who left the rest of us with
nothing worthwhile to defend ;
You were given power to do as you saw fit ,
and you saw to the closures of factory,mill and pit ;
In your aftermath every now and then ,
we will look up your epitaph written
in Romans chapter three verse ten.

( Footnote gleaned from KJV :-10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: )

Losing My Politics

I think you thought that I wasn’t listening
when I heard you say ,
that getting rich was the only thing
that mattered anyway ;

I think I heard you lying
when you denied it all later on ,
you said you’d feed the starving
but you never did cross that Rubicon ;

You stood there in front of me
a politician by your trade ,
facing more than two ways on every issue
you never could quit your masquerade ;

I knew that you were lying
that you’d continue so to do ,
you thought no-one would ever notice
when all you ever promised never came true .

( “Losing My Politics” is the companion piece to “Fallen idols” )

Fallen Idols

I know them
I knew them
I think I can remember their names ,
didn’t they drive past me
in that motorcade that came
through my town one day ?

I can still remember standing there
with those crowds cheering ,
waving as they passed us by ,
I knew them
I saw them ,
their faces unchanged
smiling at me from old newspaper headlines.

I think I can remember
applauding all their anniversaries ,
I’m sure the crowds do too ,
even now as their TV image falters ,
I read in Deutoronomy ,
cut down their groves..destroy their altars.