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Taking Responsibility

To that which may never be,

To happiness we may never feel,

To an unbreakable togetherness the world may never see;

This isn’t me saying goodbye;

This is me wondering if we could pick up the pieces and have a retry.


To one heart bruised and hurt,

To another waiting to be crushed,

To the man tagged evil and feeling lost;

The balm of gilead have I none;

And I’m no apostle of robbing peter to pay Paul.


To the laughter cut short midway,

To the beautiful smiles poisoned day to day,

To lovely people who want to, but cannot stay;

This isn’t me giving excuses or making apologies;

This is me owning up and taking responsibility.


James Ogunjimi

September 2014

Written To Your Eye

To place something
In a box,
You have to be
Able to open it…
I tried, for my heart
Was aching to
Reach your hands,
And dying to
Let you know that
Life seems beautiful
As of now…
And yet, when I
Close my eyes
And sit back alone,
I hear you,
I see you smile,
Breaking my heart…
I find the light
In your eyes
Bringing out the mystery
In my thoughts…
Maybe, insanity will
Bring me to you
Like those times
That we didn’t know
Each other
From each other…
When we were one,
Nothingness had a meaning…
So did Love…

– Nov. 22nd, 2012
All Rights Reserved – Sana Rose