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Divine Sonnet 3

In praise of God I write this soulful verse
You are the only Truth that I do know,
You are my self’s divine healer and nurse
I follow your path wherever I go.
This joyous world of yours, where I live in,
I have a blissful journey,full of mirth.
Where your supreme-self lives, being unseen,
O Lord ! each day my soul enjoys on earth.
My body and mind with you I do unite,
And I forget my earthly life of pain.
I soar in the blue like a flying kite,
And being free, I feel on earth heaven.
When I shall go to your abode to meet ,
I surrender my soul to your Holy feet.

Divine Sonnet 2

My Lord,when I connect my soul with you
With your divine supreme self,full of bliss
My inner self gets purg’d and becomes new.
Then I become no more an earthly piece.
My lesser self which longs for mundane thing,
By your sweet love and touch, changes its mold
My soul centers round you, O hear my King !
In my pure heart I wear a crown of gold.
O Lord! You are my self’s ultimate goal,
Your selfless love enlightens my dark mind.
You are the anchor of my heart and soul,
In you a calm and peaceful world I find.
My larger self when feels your grace and charm.
This earthly longings can make me no harm.

Brittle Bones

She was excessively cute
A doll of two
More cute than barbie
Her tilted eyes
Pierced my heart
Her dis balanced smile
Shook my nerves
She laughed in stammer
That made me terrible
I couldn’t resist touching her
With my blessings
And I did
What followed
Broke my heart into pieces
She cried and cried so bad
As if in extreme pain
Seemed like the pain
Her mother would have faced
On her birth
I was lost
Didn’t know what happened
Her mother came running
Tears into her eyes
She was just looking at her
And crying with her
Same sound same pain
Please don’t touch her
Please don’t touch her
Her mother shouted madly
Please don’t touch her
In my excitement of her cuteness
I missed the little paper notice on her little frock
It said
“Please don’t touch her
Her bones are brittle”
I felt as if the bone of my life
Had cracked
I didn’t know
How to cry on this
I was fractured within
Will my Lord!
Ever forgive me for this sin

Lost Moments

Now that
We have grown old
Our faces are like
An Ocean of time
Waves flowing down
I pray to wake up
Tomorrow morning
Wearing my familiar night gown
Before I forget
Your name and face
Hug me tight and kiss me bright
Tell me precisely
How much you love me
And please do this
Every moment till
My memory is alive
Till you become a stranger to me
Till I begin my struggle
With our identities
Till I ask you
Who are you?
Till I tell you
Not to touch me
And pull you apart
I know it kills you
Moment by moment
To be lost and found
Moment by moment
I am sorry
I just don’t seem to recognize
Things at times
They call it Alzheimer’s
For me it is like being
In and away from love
From spring to autumn
From bloom to gloom
Every time I am back
I want to be back in spring
I want to bloom
So hug me tight
Kiss me bright
Till I fall apart
From the branches of your arms
Like a dry leaf
In fall


Tough time shows tough reality of life
It’s the best time which shows real face of life
Those who so called as there for us wip off from life
This time actually makes us to meet friends for life

Tough time does not remain forever
One day it will wipe and will never return ever
But there are times which open our eyes
And let us see who are there for us in our life

Learn from this tough time
And become more stronger than ever
Let time be our best friend for life
As it gives us opportunity
to become more harder than ever

Some says reality is harsh
We will say reality is horrible
Because it unveils the real face of life
And makes us realize something very incredible

So let us decide to be rock solid
Let us become the one who will never crib
Let us time be our best time for life
As once this will evaporates
Again there will be crowd of morons in our life

So get yourself up
Struggle today for our own self
This time will not be there for long
So let us enjoy the time
Does not let our happiness to wait for long


Life Is An Amazing Journey

Slowly and gradually life keeps moving
It depends upon how you are also heading
Initially you may have to face the tough time
But it also happens you will be having your show time

Life is an event which happens now and then
Its an amazing path which gives you strength
The only way is to move ahead in life
There is no other way than to struggle and win this life

This life of yours is nothing less than a blessing
You should always move ahead without cursing
There will be moments when you will be wondering
Is this a dream come true or this life is so much amazing

This one life has got so much to look up to
This one life has so much blessing to live up to
Whether it comes on time or whether there will be delay
You will always have one day in life which will make you stay

Than you will realize this delay was worth waiting for
Because that day you will be on the top not looking for
All the things which make you feel low and made you down
That one day you wont feel you are on the ground

Amazing are the people
Blessed are the way
You are always loved
Sooner or later come what may

Just Live your life
Just love your life
You will be loved back
No matter what keep moving
Than you will have to never look back


Creativity is the Mother of Invention

The world in which we live in
This beautiful place which we belong to
It’s so beautiful and so colourful
But we always lack to see beauty of it
and we continue to live life which is so regretful

This is the one life we have
We have to live it to the fullest
Not with happenings or desire of others
But with the intention which truly inspires us.

We have to live this life
We have to create this life
This life is ours and only ours
We need to realize this first

It’s said that creativity is the mother of invention
But it depends solely on individual intention
If we are clear with our own destination
It doesn’t matter than how much we got rejection

Live this life as if you are the King
Spend the luxuries as if you are the Queen
It all start with the only Intention
If we just keep on thinking
Then there is no end for this perspiration.


The Smile

If I could wish for something
It would be the smile you bring
Your smile rises on my lips
Makes the scented flowers Bloom
In the backyard of my heart
I wish I could touch the scent
That I smelled just now
The scent of your love
The rose within my fingers
Whirl unknowingly
And I am made to smile
At my foolishness
The smile!

Woke up that morning
Looked into the mirror
Turned around
You were deeply asleep
A smile knocked the
Door of my lips
I opened the gates
My heart bloomed
loved the skin
I was in
Though I loved the
Softness and colour of mine

Reflections are at stake
Mirrors have to break
The sound of glass
Touching the ground
Will cut through the eyes
Killing all the lies
I am waiting for the moment
When the rocky moon
Is no more a silver spoon
It becomes harsh and
Breaks my head instead
I hope it happens
Sometime soon

As the beauty of a rose
Is the dew it holds
The beauty of a face
Lies in the expression it holds
You are beautiful
When you have eyes
All over your face
When your ears and nose
Covers every inch of your body
You are beautiful
When your mouth
Rests in your heart
When you speak
And the rest of your body speaks

Do you find me
When you look into that mirror
Do you feel me
When you touch your skin
Do you recognise my scent
In every breath you take
Is that my wish
That you served in your dish
Is that my dream
That your eyes scream
Do you aspire
Only my desire
Now think for a moment
And tell me
Do you really love me

You are my only Love

There is always someone
in the middle of life
which is like a light
in the dark black night

Someone whom u feel so comfortable
with whom you can be yourself
there is always one in the life of all
the one with whom
you just want to hang around.

The one who is whole world to you
with whom you just don’t need to be you
its just because the understanding is so deep
the company of which you always need

With you I always feel so comfortable
my life is so complete
by just thinking you are around
you are my love, you are my life,
with you I can spend happily my whole life

Your love has taught me to live
It is the only way for which I take breath
If you are not around, I always feel you
No matter if you are not around
I can always feel your presence all around

You are my Love you are my destiny
Without you being my side
I just cannot imagine the autumn breeze
Just because of you I think I am alive

There is always someone in everybody’s life
It’s just you for which I am alive
And I cannot imagine my life without you
My Love is only you and my life is only you.


Let the Night Sing

Shadows creeping,
The fangs of the night unfold,
Faint footsteps resound,
Silvery beams of moonlight.
The dark woods,
Dense canopy of trees,
The pitch black,
Skin slicing through
Silhouetted darkness.
Twinkling stars
Hissing sound,
Let the moon stay,
Let us make love.

Lopa Banerjee. February 9, 2015