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Lost Moments

Now that
We have grown old
Our faces are like
An Ocean of time
Waves flowing down
I pray to wake up
Tomorrow morning
Wearing my familiar night gown
Before I forget
Your name and face
Hug me tight and kiss me bright
Tell me precisely
How much you love me
And please do this
Every moment till
My memory is alive
Till you become a stranger to me
Till I begin my struggle
With our identities
Till I ask you
Who are you?
Till I tell you
Not to touch me
And pull you apart
I know it kills you
Moment by moment
To be lost and found
Moment by moment
I am sorry
I just don’t seem to recognize
Things at times
They call it Alzheimer’s
For me it is like being
In and away from love
From spring to autumn
From bloom to gloom
Every time I am back
I want to be back in spring
I want to bloom
So hug me tight
Kiss me bright
Till I fall apart
From the branches of your arms
Like a dry leaf
In fall