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My dear lord
Make me shift
From dead to alive
From darkness to light
To vision from sight
From rituals to values
From hatred to love
From understanding to realisation
To truth from perception
From age to experience
To wisdom from intelligence
From violence to silence
Let my life be a continuous
Process of metamorphosis


How do I cross
This sea of Idiots
Every eye stupidly curious
Of my actions
Too keen to accept
The lies
I know no sword
That cuts through this crowd
No I am not shy
Not shy of nature
Trees, sky, flowers
Moons and stars
Why do I feel
Shy of these
And I thank God for this
I surrender to you my lord
I call upon you my ship
Please get me on board
Give me courage
To play my small role
In this crazy drama called life
That I play in this castle of air called world