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Moment of Momentum

It is the moment that is alive

It is the chain of moments

that holds life in its subtlety

and often glide not so smoothly.

It is the moment that introduce you

to who you are and what you are

that makes you pause and breath

and gift you a thousand lives

in the form of dreams

in the fabric of moments.

It is the impulse of moment

that catapult things and we lurk

where joy dance like summer shine

and tears fall like autumn leaves

and in the monsoon rain

you drench like memories

and sprout like Brussels plant.


In the spur of moment you feel

chiselling and crafting of moments

when emotions toggle, feelings dribble

you meet with the void

where silence speaks aloud

where words surrender to its power

and vacuum fill in the infinity.


In the moment of momentum

Everything happen and nothing happens

Everything exist and nothing exists

Every moment is life disguised in death

It is in the moment of momentum

Life compiles answers for all questions

and leave us astonished.


© Maaya Dev 2015 Dec


Musical Muse

There is a dream hidden

in the brush of a painter

to paint a masterpiece

with haste strokes of images

never seen before.

Fingers pick elusive colours

from virgin rainbow is yet

to sweep his dream.

A silent music is heard

in the layers of painting.


There is a poetry hidden

in the heart of a musician.

Broken words of verses

scattered in the lyrics unsung.

It lies unattended

like an unwritten poetry

waiting to be composed as song.

Soul breathe gala of Raagas

in the layers of music.


There is a desire hidden

in the centre of every stone

to come alive as statuette

through its own sculpturist

who searches his pristine stone

to carve his dream statue

to get fall in love forever.

Mritunjaya Mantra echoes

in the depth of the statuette.


There is a divinity hidden

in the bud of every flower

for an eternal blooming.

Its soft petals simply uncurls

before it flaunts its beauty

before its virgin smell haunt.

It desires silently

never to be plucked ever.

There is soothing symphony

rafting over the clouds.

© Maaya Dev

Foot Notes:

Mritunjay Mantra : Great Death-Conquering hymn from Rigveda

Raga : Musical notes having different scale

In the heart of flowers


In the heart of flowers

There is a hidden fire

Fire that soothe breeze

breeze that breath love

Love that embrace valley

Valley that plays pee-ka-boo with clouds

clouds that rushes to caress proud peaks

Peaks clutching perfume of spring

Spring nurturing sweetness of honey

honey the heavenly wine of elixir

elixir that alter any soul a seeker.

Seeker who swirls as a fiery orb

in its own euphoric euphoria

surrender to the pragmatic nature

to decipher the intricacies of life

while tossing questions of pebbles

from its infinite sea shore

filtering recurring waves of complexities

and snatch pearls of wisdom.

Afar, valley with spring of flowers

playing sea saw with stars.

Coy moon with pallid reflection

blanketing valley and reciting poems

where night flowers bloom

once in a while as liberation.

© Maaya Dev


Aurora & Avalanche

Avalanche of thoughts
flooding and tossing
in the cold valley of mind.
It attacks by uneven edges
in all seasons insensitively.

A sincere wish
to silence this tumultuous
I sought refuge for an arena
where thoughts hardly exist.
The strongest desire made me fall
onto the lap of gentle aurora.
The delicate calmness sucked
coldness of deafening clamour.

A soothing sensation
I felt never before.
Unattached completely
from everything, everyone
I experienced some lightness.
The light and joy was beyond words.

I could feel invisible wings
taking me to higher levels
on the wings of aurora.
The tranquillity led me
to fireworks of blissful moments.

I wish to remain there forever
While making it as my abode…!

© Maaya Dev

Those Reminiscences

Hey you!

A precise call from past invited his attention.

He looked at the skyscrapers from hustling present

where he made grave of his true joy deserting all will.

His reminisces travelled to where his belongings exist.

There is a black mountain in the serenity.

where he used to live far away and farther away joyously

He had a white horse and was a jockey for his pet.

He used to fly across clouds like a pro singing jingles.

He had a white palace in the black city

Where he used to live far and farther away peacefully

He designed and redesigned to test the architect in him.

The monument, where he used to have his evening drinks alone.

He had a white tomb in the black sea

Where he used to live far and farther away from all the buzz

He used to write poems that get embossed on his grave

When he read Wordsworth’s Romeo and Juliat, he chased his breath.

The white horse, the white palace, the white tomb

He searched them all, every where only in despair to find nothing

It wasn’t there? The question mark pricked! Yes! It was never there!

No! It was always there, but was on his dreams, only in his dreams!

Hey you!

The precise call from the past invited his earnest presence again.

Skyscrapers and the grave teased him in those hustling moments!

© Maaya Dev


Certain is thy uncertainty!
Backyard of life, mystery disguised,
You stand vulnerable like a clandestine haze
Masked beneath the veil of life,
Like a nocturnal being, a hooded serpent
ready to strike anytime from the wilderness.
You ruffle the rhythm grappling the grope.
A Mysterious fortress witnesses helpless pangs,
the grip on nerve firm and transparent,
in the lee of uncertainty suspense unfolds.
Beehives are shelved, bees are freed like fears.
Shadow follows and burns like confusion.
Swines are roaming like midnight in the valley.
The moon is eclipsed, silence is haunted,
secrets are concealed like bouquets collected in the wild.
Yet once in a while flowers bloom
in the desert with perfumed certainty
to bask upon hope like a faith of lilies.
Certain is thy uncertainty
and uncertainty thou speak
the certainty of Heisenberg!

© Maaya Dev

Beacon of Enlightment

Passing through the woods aimlessly

I was caught with some thoughts

Of some old feathers as retrospection

In reminiscence of some golden memories

I stopped by the woods

Sat alongside the river

Whole serenity in muse

Tranquil sky in sync, channelizing breeze

Nature’s symphony, rainbows rehearsing

Koel’s cajoling, peacock dancing

moment juxtaposing moment

to beget life.

A finite sequel of moments


till the moment ceases

for a new beginning

or, never to follow the sequel.

I watched the moon was playing

under the stars riveted sky

down in the river

 fireflies’ drop the light

and I was feeling the warmth

of thousand splendid suns

as beacon of enlightenment.

© Maaya Dev


I am alive like many

I confess often, I am blessed naively

I love to believe all is well within my life

Yet a part of me don’t belong to me fully

It longs for something I am not blessed with

I float on unfulfilled desires and dreams all the while

As if my life is on a constant rollercoaster of myriad questions.


I am alive like many

I state always I am a content human being

The superficial statement is anchored in lie

The tread of my life I am forced to cling on.

Yet a part of me is dissatisfied and looks for more

A sense of guilt pricks my conscience for wanting more

A constant comparison with many is weighing down the worth.


Am I truly alive like many?

For the first time I look into my life deeply

It looks plain and very much mundane, I realised

I am almost certain I am just breathing but not living

A part of me is very much human but lacks vigour of life

Life replay on its loop displaying same scenes in the memory lane

It yearns for right answer to put an end to many unanswered queries.


At the end, I solved the puzzle convincingly.

When my vision notices beauty around and appreciate it

When the bestowed blessings are appreciate with a pure heart

When the heart fills with love and compassion and flows to reach people

When I do things with upmost dedication without bothering the result

When I see the worth in self and try to improvise where it needs attention

That’s only when I shall honestly confess that I live life happily and contently.


 © Maaya Dev




Feelings demand no prose
Time demands no pause
Life demands no excuse.

Riddle of a vague maze
On the pathway of haze
An ironic style of gaze.

Unresolved yell of foe
Unshared tale of woe
Uneasy stroll of toe.

Memories may ruffle
Tragedies do muffle
Few hopes go shuffle.

Life can again bloom
When endeavour boom
And journey should zoom.

© Maaya Dev

What If

What if?

If a moment’s carelessness cause your heart bleed

Would you call me a heartless..?


What if?

If my smile flashes before tears rolled down

Would you think I am the happiest..?


What if?

If I keep silence to restore the peace

Would you question my integrity..?


What if?

If I never voice to reciprocate the feelings

Would you think I am mute..?


What if?

If I prefer not to tell the bitter truth

Would you call me a coward..?


What if?

If I never get shattered with the unbearable

Would you reckon if I am an alien..?


What if?

If my dreams started to desert me

Would you dare to rewrite my destiny..?


What if?

If my own shadow escapes me a fine morning

Would you become my shadow to walk with me..?


What if?

If I cease to exist one fine day  

Would you dare to rewind the time..?


What if?

If when whole world forgets me suddenly

Would you become my memoir and live once again..?


© Maaya Dev 2015  Feb