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As Simple as That

Impressive doesn’t impress

Keep it simple

My soul whispered

Touch the ground

Feel the dirt

As simple as that

Clap your hands

Slap your face

Hurt is the cost to wake

As simple as that

You can write big

Diamonds and pearls

For stones of words

I ask you my child

How genuine do you express

When you desire to impress

Write to express

Not just to impress

As simple as that

Ignorance and Innocence

She was so simple
Yet her face had a glow
Her genuine and pure smile
That stuck to her lips every moment
And seemed dutiful to her 
Made her more beautiful
Every guy looked at her
With eyes full of desire
Wanted to feel her skin
How many of them approached her
What they got in response
Was just a genuine smile
How could she explain
The reason of her glow
Ignorance can never
Understand innocence

Money and Relation

Seated on a vintage bicycle
The Father and Son duo
Where having fun
They seemed to be gifted with
Everything under the sun
A bright streak of innocence
They threw into the existence
Chit chatting and giggling
Everybody around them struggling
Oblivious of the surround
With expensive cars all around
Fathers fighting with steering
Traffic lights not caring
Sons were busy gaming
Seemed more close to gadgets
Than to their fathers
But who bothers
Right they say
Money can buy everything
Even the closest of relations



I asked a dove

What is love?

Birdie smiled and asked

Whose love?

Ok—- let it be my love

I replied with a surprise

Down bowed the little head

Face spitting gloom

Tears rolling down

I am here

Bound and inside

A small stinky cage

This is your love

He said in a breaking voice

Then what is love

I enquired, my eyes

Starting to open wide

You see me fly in the sky

Vast sky and fresh air

Shiny stars and glowing moons

This is how

My God loves me

Then why does he let me cage you

I asked, sadness in my eyes

He never lets you do it

You do it against—–

Before the bird could finish

Something inside me

Opened the door of my heart

And the bird flew away

I Have A Dream

I have a dream

It has a cost

Quite often I am lost

Not in the dream

But in the cost

My eyes prove a bad host

Not ready to pay the cost

The result is that

My dreams are lost

And I am reduced to living

Just living

And you never know

What I live

Prove my own dreams

Behind a different skin

And those eyes may be mine