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Sleep eludes me tonight!
My mind is clear as a cloudless sky
But still sleep eludes me.

No thoughts taunt me
No regrets tonight;
The coast is all clear.

I lay and wait for sweet sleep to envelop me
I close my eyes and count sheep
But hours later with thousands of sheep accounted for
I still lay here wide-eyed.

I get up and walk the length of the dark road
All is quiet save the soft whispering of music through my earphones
Soft August rain drizzle and wet my hoodie.

The night is perfect for a sweet dream-full night
But dear sleep has wandered off somewhere I can’t reach
And I walk on, searching for it in the shadows.

Sleep eludes me tonight
Like the night was perfect for a game-
A game of hide-and-seek

But sleep plays better than me
For it is absolutely hidden
And I roam the dark wet night.

Sleep eludes me tonight
But I found another companion-
A companion called insomnia.