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Rendezvous with Nature

Sky is shivering in the hazy attire
thousand sun’s rays unable to undress the mist.
Desire for a cajoling warm embrace
melt through passing clouds as dilemma.

Moon rays descending in the night
Under the lee it giggles as dream.
The legend plays peek-a-boo in the distance
walking zigzag through clouds in hazy glimpse.

In the Orion, horizon is busy changing gown
where night is sleepy and the lashes blinking as dusk.
With all sensuality dusk drinking red wine of sinking sun
as if quenching the thirst of the sweaty afternoon.

In the celestial background fusion is playing
Ocean breeze singing ballads of love in the mirth
Thunders and lightening having orgy in the hush
Moments exploding in the shadow of ecstasy.

© Maaya Dev