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Spirit of Dragon

I live with a Dragon
He peeps through the wood
To covet flame of candle
Perhaps steal if he could

He is hiding his body
Below out of sight
In amongst my CDs
On a shelf red and bright

He keeps his fire burning
For as long as he needs
His tail flicks on the front
Of the door with the keys

Welcome dear dragon
To share my dance floor
Igniting my spark with
Freedom to soar.

Higher we go
Until I can see
The world is a dream
And the dreamer is ME!

A Fairy Princess

Felicity is a fairy
Who happens to be
Not just a fairy
But a princess you see

She often goes walking
In the garden alone
Except for the presence
Of an Deva or Gnome

This stroll is quite special
The stars are so bright
She wears her red dress
Which sparkles at night.

Night feels like rapture
Her wings are stretched out
Her arms up to capture
Flowers scent round about

She’ll be crowned queen fairy
In a year and a day
When all other fairies
Will abide what she´ll say

She grants all your wishes
The big and the small
A princess and fairy
With Magic for all!

Caviar on Candlesticks…Halloween party invitation!

On the thirty first of October two thousand and eleven
Fiendish friends all invited, though not those in heaven

To mingle in darkness and share ghastly gore
Tell a tale of woe or some Hallow’een folklore

So welcome witches, devils, wizards and vamps
Sharp teeth, red eyes, all ready to chance

Blood of vestal virgins to feed on and share
Foul freakish snacks all nastily prepared

There are spidery cakes, wriggling baskets of worms
Slimy strange parts that have bodily forms

Music that spooks, disturbs, chills and scares
Even our neighbors can show up if they dare

To join in the horror, the notorious din
Discover what happens in the house of sin

Tango vamp is Dracula’s musical thema
Dancing all night, drinking Chateau de Haema

Funk, salsa, celtic and rock
Music goes on way past twelve of the clock

When the last of the vamps finally take flight
Slipping with silence into a fading damp night

And Dracula looks at his lovely wife and says
‘I think it´s time darling to prepare for our bed.

Blow out the candles, the suns coming quick!
What the hell is this? caviar on the candlesticks!´

So with this verse we want to wish you all
A creepy celebration at the end of the fall

See you next year, or perhaps even before
You are always welcome at our House of Horr-or!