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Fury of Earth

Black clouds hovering

Catastrophic wings stretched

Curse over life immortalized

When her silent pleas and sober tears

Maneuvered by modern mannerisms

When winter snow melts and vaporize

When monsoon summer storm blaze us

When spring renamed as autumn

 Everything alters at gale speed in the wild run.

The greenhouse gas perspire non stop

Her greenish lacquer deserting her fame

We jeopardised her heavenly rhythm

In her fury the pristine icy shields melt.

Whenever she closes her eyes, storm broke

Tremors shook mountain peaks and ocean abyss

Hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis have a bash

When the strings of harmony is gamboled

She sucks tranquility from the nerve of life

It is a warning bell seeking our attention.

Yet the world is languor and heading in muse.

As if everything is in perfect normalcy.

Though the death knell is ringing afar

Still in ignorance we remain deaf and blind.

Hey, listen all, before her tolerance breaks

Before silent sea engulfs and the desert succumb

Before the mankind sunk by avalanche of screams.

Let us wrap and fetter our harmful tantrums.

Else be ready to get spin by her twister and

Reduce to mere debris..

© Maaya Dev