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Fight Of Shadows

I walked off Me
And into the
Corridor of my house
It was not the same
Had mirror walls
Both the walls strangely
Revealed strange images
Of my familiar self
Broken glass pieces on the floor
I was broken into millions
And I thought
I was alone
My house
A heart haunted by
Countless strangers
My twins
They looked into my
And melted into lies
Like wax
Again I was alone
Nobody resides
In my skin and bones
From wax to blood
The floor gets wet
I am made to walk
Through the steam
My feet red
Red with blood
Swollen with wounds
Wounds of unknown
Familiar shadows
This is an endless
Fight of shadows
The life of mine


Dew drops slide down
Grass blades ~
Lashes gleam ~
They bathe her cheeks.

Rain blurs the window
Glass panes ~
Things blur ~
They scatter rays to beams.

Rose petals shiver in
Soft breeze ~
Sighs quiver ~
Her lips find no words.

Rivulets gurgle by
Hard rocks ~
Memories crystallize ~
Pains liquidize to vanish.

© Sana Rose 2012