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For the needy and poor
For the sake of posterity
For the bolted door
That holds behind it prosperity.

For a life of ease
For the mind to know peace
For a better tomorrow
That’s safe with no sorrow.

We labour and toil
Even though it seems it holds no joy
Daily work must go on
Till the night ends and we see the sun.

What If

What if?

If a moment’s carelessness cause your heart bleed

Would you call me a heartless..?


What if?

If my smile flashes before tears rolled down

Would you think I am the happiest..?


What if?

If I keep silence to restore the peace

Would you question my integrity..?


What if?

If I never voice to reciprocate the feelings

Would you think I am mute..?


What if?

If I prefer not to tell the bitter truth

Would you call me a coward..?


What if?

If I never get shattered with the unbearable

Would you reckon if I am an alien..?


What if?

If my dreams started to desert me

Would you dare to rewrite my destiny..?


What if?

If my own shadow escapes me a fine morning

Would you become my shadow to walk with me..?


What if?

If I cease to exist one fine day  

Would you dare to rewind the time..?


What if?

If when whole world forgets me suddenly

Would you become my memoir and live once again..?


© Maaya Dev 2015  Feb