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My Story

I have a story
A story to tell
A story to share
But what words would dare
Casually reflect and express
The feelings of the oppressed
Or tell justly
The grip of injustice
On a society of civilized barbarians.

A story must be told
In honesty and truth
I must be bold
Enough to shine light on crooked path
And stand in for the voiceless
Who daily pass by in silence.

My pen must bleed
Till I’m out of ink
And my paper is filled
With words to make ’em think
And show to all the lords
That true freedom must be reborn.


Dreams and visions of the night,
formed from memories and wishes,
series upon series, night after night,
a nightmare holds me captive,
I pray for freedom, freedom from my fears…
living each day fighting demons in broad daylight dressed like angels, temptresses! taking my mind captive and corrupting the innocence of my thoughts
so long till an idea is born…simple but powerful,

I give it a little of my time here and there and it finds its way to the front of my mind
becoming so powerful and overwhelming.

All I want is a way to bring down the demons (or angels?)
dressed alluringly and seductively
but it is no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
And with this my idea is full blown
and I have a way out.

Lust and Longing

Searching for a memory

hoping to give life to it

a time of fulfilled longing…

a cherished and happy time

A longing for someone from a long time ago, it seems like ages now

Someone I used to know so well

I gave myself to

Someone I shared a memory and a time with

Someone always in my thoughts…

but all gone with time

even as with time it came.


At first, the one is no more

and then the other knows not

It seems like a mystery to all

and what can be done is known to none

But I watch and wait for a time from long ago

a memory from a world lost

to rekindle, to come to life, to be born again…

for with its loss, a lust died within me

and now a lust it seems can save me.


But saving is beyond me

for love lost is not what taunts my night vision

if it were that, I could love again…

but a lost lust taunts my waking thoughts.

I plead for a release like from a blood covenant.

It’s a longing that cannot be quenched

for it is a longing for lust

From that I seek freedom

but none seems to know a way out

and alone I bear the flame of its wants.

Nigeria Shall Be Free!

Nigeria Shall Be Free!


Crushed by the weight of the evil ones’ greed,

Nigeria shall be free!

Sinking deeper and deeper in the abyss of misdeeds,

Nigeria shall be free!


Numbed by pain; they cannot again feel,

Nigeria shall be free!

Watching the future of the nation felled like trees,

Nigeria shall be free!


No longer taken serious; now the cause of international gist,

Nigeria shall be free!

Inside, it’s not safe, but then, neither are the streets,

Nigeria shall be free!


Stealing public money and ruling with impunity,

Nigeria shall be free!

Bedevilled with leaders who don’t care how the people feel,

Nigeria shall be free!


Travelling round the world with begging bowls; on their knees,

Nigeria shall be free!

But Nigeria is not poor; we have more than we need,

Nigeria shall be free!


Justice has become a myth; freedom exists only in dreams,

Nigeria shall be free!

The newspapers dare not report; journalists must not speak,

Nigeria shall be free!


The Hallowed chambers have become boxing rings,

Nigeria shall be free!

Here, it’s jail for the poor; bail for the rich,

Nigeria shall be free!


Children and students murdered in their sleep,

Nigeria shall be free!

Parents crying, friends gnashing their teeth,

Nigeria shall be free!


Waiting endlessly for a messiah to set us free,

Nigeria shall be free!

Looking abroad for a salvation that will never be,

Nigeria shall be free!

Let us look inward at men true and real,

For it is only then that Nigeria shall be free!


From western domination,

Nigeria shall be free!

From economic exploitation,

Nigeria shall be free!

From religious manipulation,

Nigeria shall be free!


James Ogunjimi

Ogun State Nigeria.

July 2014.


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Public Servants

If This Is My LastPoem: Public Servants

We call them public servants,

They are meant to tend our lands,

But it’s here that the servants eat and are fat,

While their masters look lean and sad.


We asked for food, we asked for shelter,

We asked our servants to make our lives better,

But rather than give us meat they threw to us bones,

Their only answer to our requests is NO.


For how long can the masters bear the insolence of the public servants?

Will the time ever come when the masters will take their stand?

It does not have to be tomorrow or a later date,

The first step to freedom can be taken today.


James Ogunjimi

Ogun State, Nigeria

February 2014