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Fight Of Shadows

I walked off Me
And into the
Corridor of my house
It was not the same
Had mirror walls
Both the walls strangely
Revealed strange images
Of my familiar self
Broken glass pieces on the floor
I was broken into millions
And I thought
I was alone
My house
A heart haunted by
Countless strangers
My twins
They looked into my
And melted into lies
Like wax
Again I was alone
Nobody resides
In my skin and bones
From wax to blood
The floor gets wet
I am made to walk
Through the steam
My feet red
Red with blood
Swollen with wounds
Wounds of unknown
Familiar shadows
This is an endless
Fight of shadows
The life of mine

A Poet’s Petition !

Whole being is sprouted

with foliage of unwritten verses.

In eloquence vibration of the recitation is heard.

Impregnated passion of the poet pursue

for a benign aesthetic poetic indulgence. 

A poet is forlorn and weighed down by insatiable urge

when unfinished poems trembling on the finger tips.

A poet is euphoric and randomly writes

Silhouette of classics as if doped

to conquer hearts by indelible imprints.


On full moon nights often he inhales the mist of moon

He listens to the whispers of stars and universe.

As a drunkard he gulps the ecstasy of ocean

and sleep serenely on the canopy of sky in aloof.

In spite of a hidden heralded purpose flame

his instinctive longing which is more than

just to saturate mere literary thirst.

The embedded vow of a poet refuses to succumb

Until, he signs his petition with his soulful blood.

For his blessed pen is a tool to voice and to escalate

the quandary of humanity by resigning

the reigning discrimination and injustice.

For he is capable of assimilating the vintage of virtues.

He is bestowed with sensitivity to gasp what his senses grasp

so never miss the unseen woes that drips as pearls of tears.

His ink never dries out of worshiping humanity and justice,

nor he is satisfied of admiring beauty, love, joy and peace.

For he is not only a poet but a destined warrior who fights 

the tyranny of terrorism and razor casteism and racism with pen.

The soul of a poet is stirred whenever a woman’s respect is robbed

so his poetic prowess tries for a paradigm shift to regain her pride.


Before he wraps in his holy wrath                                          

Before any hand tears his loyal petition                                                        

He assures to write and write until the judgement day comes.

It is a poet’s petition he meditated upon every moment.


© Maaya Dev 2015 March


Nore:- March 21st being International Poet’s Day, I wish to dedicate this poem to all poets !