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Recovery:(Scenes from a screenplay)

They let her remember ,
and she remembers ;
the slaps ,
the kicks ,
the punches ,
the lighted cigarettes on her arms ;
They taught her how to remember ,
and she has learned now ,
the lesson of
the scars ,
the broken teeth ,
the plastic surgery ,
that followed and followed ;
They sent her away ,
and she left ,
left with all that she remembers now ;
All of their names ,
where each and everyone of them lives ,
where their children go to school ;
Outside the school ,
the car stops ,
she steps out ,
a lean figure in a hooded black raincoat ,
she has a gun , now.

Daily Routine..( Rebooted August 23 2017 )

Every evening at 5.09
he leaves the office,
takes the streetcar
into town,
goes for a stroll
down to the park
by the canal,
there he sits
on the bench nearest
the ornate water fountain;
He dreams,
of a lost childhood
long summers ago
by the sea,
days filled with singing,
laughing and
Crying now,
the little girl
by the fountain
who has lost her way,
golden hair,eyes of grey,
reflected in his thick lenses;
As he watches her
he dreams,
of long summers ago,
a childhood by the sea
filled with laughing
and crying;
now in the park
he lies beneath a summer sky,
side by side with
the golden girl
she lies
very still.

this piece is a “homage”(rhymes with fromage) to singer/songwriter Randy Newman;let’s just say that it’s an “adaptation” of the track
“In Germany before the War”from his classic 1977 album,”Little Criminals”.

The Writer in Exile ( Re-booted as Writer in Exile 3 November 2018 )

Dexter Stevenson
lime green ascot
and redundant cigarette holder,
never shook Hemingway’s hand;
never came to write the
great American novel,
never realised the fecund
potential of his literary dreams,
instead he was anthologised
in limited circulation magazines
from Baffin Island to Crete;
After the War,
a solitary screenplay was
optioned but never produced,
he had known the people
who had known the people
on the lot at R.K.O.;
They had Joseph Cotten
or was it Van Heflin,
test for the part
of George Meredith,
dissolute foreign correspondent
contemplating suicide,
John Huston was interested in
directing but made,
” Treasure of the Sierra Madre ” instead;
Dexter Stevenson’s prolonged sojourn
at the Hotel Nacional caused
much embarrassment in later years
for the proprietor and guest alike;
the raison d’etre for the hospitality
had since passed away into legend,
no-one now remembers Stevenson’s
deserted clifftop assignation with
that victim of the pill-bottle
her infamous golden locks
her winsome ” pooh pooh pah dooh ”
something he didn’t get away from;
Here deep in the labyrinth,
D.S. finally got away
from himself.