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Blessing and Curse

Calling from old home
Said the voice that side
Your father is serious
Needs urgent treatment
Old home cannot afford the treatment
You need to contribute
I don’t bother
Said the voice this side
Next day the phone rang again
Your husband is serious
He met with an accident
Both his kidneys are damaged
You need to look for a donor
She rushed to the hospital
Finds that some old man from some old home
Died that morning
Leaving behind his kidney
For someone needy
Doctor said the kidney matched perfectly
Is Giving really a matter of abundance?
Or is it a matter of blessing
Some people are blessed with a giving heart
Others are cursed with a closed mind
Upbringing is defeated
When someone is truly cursed
May all be blessed
May no one be cursed

A beauty falls for a beast
A priest falls for a whore
Is the almighty cursing the blessed
Or is it that
The cursed is being blessed
Both are lives and both are lived
Why indulge in the difference
Blessing Vs Curse
May the curse be cursed
May we be blessed!
May we be blessed!
In whatever way we are cursed
May we be blessed still
The world needs to be blessed
The world needs fatherly blessings
For the almighty God to exist

My first kiss

I was crying hard
You pressed me softly
Against the warmth of your heart
Such warmth, that made your eyes melt
And ooze love drops
Fully drenched in the wetness of sweetness
My soul’s thirst satiated
Safe and sound
I retreated into divine sleep
That was when you kissed my cheek
The first kiss of my life

You make your wife jealous of me
I am delighted by her jealousy
Because it proves, how much you love me
I am so proud of you
For being a one woman man
And I envy me
For being the second women in your life
So near to your wife
I love you dad
You are the best dad in this world

Please don’t stop me
Because I know you don’t need a reason
For saying this to me
It doesn’t happen every season
That I feel like saying this to you
I love you dad
You are the best dad in this world