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I am raving mad

At nights, when you swoop down

On my sleep from the dismal chill

Of delusions

When I walk down the souvenirs

Of abandonment

An unnerving iciness

Creeping through my spine.


I hear the frothy laughter

Of the Id

The disquiet tuning it’s trumpet

From across the forbidden lands

And forbidden love

Blowing softly in the wind

The tunes of hers owned

And my desire

To die for.


I know I am raving mad

When I embrace this soulless night

For the wishful firefly

And yet I do

With the spectres

Of a begone tale

And undying hope

That’ll never leave my side.

A Home Upon the Hill


I will build a home upon the hill

With windows for every sun

Each room with mountain air shall fill

And night and day will be as one.

Bird song will waken the day

While cicadas lull it to sleep.


The fragrant air so wholesome

With shades of

Eucalyptus, pine and balsam

Will make a confluence

Of every room.


In Spring time flowers will bloom

In Summer the drones will moan

Punch drunk on pure nectar

Teetering to the honeycomb

In Autumn the colours will flow

The world will dance

And fall in a trance

From the crystal shine of the Winter’s snow.


The warbling stream

Will feed an afternoon’s dream

Where the muse will descend

Her song to lend

Our blended song shall delight

The daze of moon blanched nights

Lord of the Rings ( Part 5 )

On thence they went to Lothlorien

home of the Elves,

to learn the fate

of Middle earth and themselves;

Taking counsel with Celeborn

they spoke of many a thing,

though all their thoughts were with the Ring;

Galadriel invited Frodo and Sam

to the water and thereupon gaze,

at future events and far off days;

Fully replenished the party sailed down

the River Anduin with a final decision to make,

the road to the west, the road to the east, which to take?

passing the falls of Rauros they came to rest,

leaving it to Frodo to decide what was best;

Whilst the others stayed together

to quench their fear,

temptation snared the mighty Boromir;

By putting on the Ring

Frodo escaped Boromir’s rage,

deciding then what would be

his journey’s final stage;

Forlorn with remorse Boromir

rejoined the others,

their unity was broken

they were no longer brothers;

They scattered to search

for who they thought lost,

without knowing what would be the cost;

Sam somehow joined Frodo on the boat

and across Anduin they did float;

all before it became too late

as Pippin and Merry snared by Orcs awaited their fate..


( to be continued..)


Lord of the Rings ( Part 4 )

    The Fellowship strove on towards the Red Horn Gate
    from thence eastwards and to their fate ,
    packs of Wargs and the blinding snow
    forced the Company another way to go ,
    Into the Mines of Moria down deep
    thro’ the dark with stairs to climb,chasms to leap ;
    Finding Balin’s tomb and the books written there
    they felt a strange menace in the air ,
    evidence of Orcs and fouler things
    had ruined once great halls of former Kings ;
    Alerted by Pippin’s playful casting of a stone
    the Company knew they were not alone ,
    out of the dark Orcs charged forth in hordes
    confronted by Aragorn and Boromir’s drawn swords ,
    Gandalf cast one last spell to little avail
    giving the others time to head for Dimrill Dale ,
    at the Bridge at Khazad-dum one last foe appeared
    drawn from darkness it was The Balrog they’d feared ;
    Gandalf fought the terror but at a cost
    saving his Companions ,the Wizard himself
    with Balrog was lost.


Lord of the Rings ( Part 2 )

Then on to Bree

there to encounter a stranger ,

who knew of their quest

and warned them of the danger .

Ensconsed at the ” Prancing Pony ”

with a once and future King ,

the company made plans for their journey

to get to Rivendell with the Ring.

Rumours of the Black Riders

and a growing menace with out ,

hastened their departure

and rid them of doubt.

On to Rivendell by way of Weathertop

Hobbits learned from Strider about the past ,

and whilst they made shelter

Ringwraiths came upon them fast.

They inflicted on the Ring-bearer a mortal wound

whilst fire and sword put them to flight ,

the company was forced to press on regardless

even as Frodo sank into twilight.

Footnote :You may wish to see also ” Lord of the Rings ( Part 1 ) “.

A Dream For My Unborn Child

Many a times I’ve thought of you
O fabric of my dreams, my unborn child.
Let not constant abrasion make your texture tattered and torn
And fade the vibrant color of your lips.

Let not the scorching glare of reality
Wake your dreamy, azure eyes with a psychotic stare.
Look not now, at the dark night and deep blue sky
Where endless battles clash with crackling, forbidden sounds.
Where nocturnal creatures cry out with prolonged pain.

Every night, I look out at the legend and mystery of the dark sky
In the cool breeze and dampness of shadows,
When the droplets of the stars glisten my hair,
I think of you, clutching my chest in hunger and surrender.
I think of you, wafting with me into pleasing flights of fancy.
Around us, an embalming shade, a magic cloak
Cocoons you inside me in blissful warmth.

Soon the battles will be over
For us to share endless starry nights,
Walking all through the moonlit way
To the solitude of the galaxies,
Along with you, wrapped in smells of nectar
I will sail on harbors with dusky breeze,
Let you behold the silver streams, the boats and the surf,
When serenities and magic will unfold on our way.

Your tiny, angelic fingers clasping my own,
Hand in hand, we both will sure make our way.
Sail our way amidst wind and soft embrace,
And wake up to an earth
Where children play delightful symphonies
Where raindrops kiss all parched mothers and hapless kids
Humming a tune of love’s little quiescence.

( Footnote: This poem is immensely personal. It was written for my first child when I was 27 weeks pregnant, a tiny delight tucked inside my tummy. With this poem and with all my scattered thoughts about her, I had dreamed about sheltering her from this world of battered souls, daydreaming of some day, when after having her in my arms, I could fulfill both of our lives with the serenity and magic of love.)

Lord of the Rings ( Part I )

Long years ago in a country

far far away begins the story ,

of Hobbits , Elves, Dwarves and Men

and their quest for the power and glory .


In their sleepy abodes

Half-ling folk were stirred ,

when out of legend from the East

came forth a troubling word.


As rumours spread abroad

of the Ring once lost by its Lord ,

the tranquil airs of the Shire were broken

when they realised what was sought was no mere token .


The lidless eye again made keen

the four-fingered hand ever stretching ,

to seize hold of that which Sauron

commanded Wraiths to thereof do the fetching .


Days waiting in the Shire drew to a close

with Gandalf gone South and Bilbo long since departed ,

Frodo set forth on an adventure

not for the faint hearted .


( To Be Continued )




I Long For You

My heart
My Soul
Longs for you

I can hear your whisper in my ear
Though you are not here

I can feel your touch
Your Caress
Though I know you are not here
I must be crazy

I thought
You belong to me
It was all wishful thinking
Nothing is real

You have your life to live
I have no life
I only have my dreams of you
I am awake
My thoughts are fill with your images

We have a connection
It is so untrue
You don’t even know me
I don’t know you either, in person
Illusions and wishful thinking
Make believes

Live life, my love
I must live mine
Go on and I will also go on
Even without you

You’re a sweet dream
You’re also a frustrating dream
I’ll see you when I do see you
If not
Let’s go with life
without each other

Inconsequential ( rebooted 29 May 2018 )

Of all the city’s streets
there is one
the name of which
I cannot now recall,
the street where I encountered
that languid mulatta beauty,
her cornflower dress
the emblem of summer;
the taste of her,
the taste of wine
spices and licorice:
hidden amongst life’s ephemera
is a humid verandah evening
lit by a glimmering radio dial,
its lyrical stream wrapping
the cloying air with
a faded era and style,
of Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles
to which I swayed and lost myself
with her in the taste of wine,
spices and licorice,
and in the morning
I was found
on that street
the name of which
I never knew